Reel 2012

Hello there!
This is a brief compilation of some of the work I've done over the last few years. Feel free to peruse my other stuff as well. For those interested, my primary weapons of choice are After Effects, Cinema 4D, Photoshop & Illustrator. All storyboards are "embiggenable" by simply clicking on them. If you have any comments or questions please feel free to shoot me an email by clicking HERE or on my name at the top of the page.

Thanks for checking out my stuff!

Music track is "Cities in Dust" by Junkie XL (feat. Lauren Rocket)


Reel 2012
Hertz–Gold Plus

Brooklyn Nets–Hello Brooklyn
Bayou Blue–main & end titles
Emerson–Data Center
White Castle
The Polar Bear Club "Living Saints"
ESPN–Espy Awards open

Wiley vs Rhodes
Discovery–Howe & Howe Tech promo
Discovery–Ghost Lab promo
Dynasty Electric "Closer to Contact"
Amanda Blank "Might Like You Better"
MVE Productions–logo open
Our Voices Xposed–spot 1
Our Voices Xposed–spot 2
Diet Pepsi–Times Square video
Time Warner Cable–HexWorld
MTV–The Covenant sneek peek
Versus–NHL promo


Hertz–Gold Plus
Brooklyn Nets–Hello Brooklyn
Bayou Blue–main titles
HBO–Boardwalk Empire promo
The Polar Bear Club "Living Saints"
Ghost Lab–end tag
Florida Times
Lysol–Blue Ribbon
Verizon FIOS
TD Ameritrade
MTV–Last Picks show open
AT&T/Cingular–end tag
American Express–Bricks
Microsoft–TV & Movies


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